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Thread: Win 2000 Pro Proxy?

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    Post Win 2000 Pro Proxy?

    Im running win2k pro on my home system, and was wandering what a good PROXY i can set up on it to hide my ip and other info!(i know its impossible to hide but just want to make it a tiny bit harder to get) Or is it even worthwhile to set up a proxy and just get a decent firewall instead...

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    Try using this program..It's called MultiProxy!


    I think its available for Windows 2000.

    It offers ALOT of great features!

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    You really don't need a proxy. Instead, just stick with a good firewall. The proxy really won't do that much for you (won't really stop anyone who was determined to do something to you), but the firewall can be invaluable.
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    i just use ICS in win2k... A.) no need to be running extra proxy software and b.) Small security include... I also run a firewall on top of it to protect me further.. Very stable and very secure. so you might want to think about that route

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    I ran firewalls and proxys in the past...Its much easier just to get a hardware firewall (Linx. Firewall)

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    You want to hide your IP with a proxy on your computer? Not possible. When you go through a proxy, SOME proxies will make it so that the other computer sees the proxy's address, not your own.

    But if you and the proxy are the same thing... what's the difference?

    Do you mean leaked BROWSER stuff? I would suggest looking at The Proxomitron, it can re-write HTML on the fly as you view pages, with customizable anti-popup rules, and the like, and you can get rid of nosy javascript, and change HTTP headers, etc.
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    A hardware firewall is the best solution, but you can use a software solution.

    Check out this thread...


    ...you should be able to get some good information here.

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