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    Exclamation Office XP, Blocked Attachments

    I ran across this the other day and thought the AO community would like to know....

    Certain attachments are blocked when received by Outlook 2002. Although this can be a good thing, some people have a need to receive those attachments. I found this Microsoft article that solves this dilemma.


    If the above link does not work try this:


    And do a search for this article number: Q290497

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    Another one of Microsoft's lame attempts at security. *sigh* brickwall

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    First the company hides the extension of know types (by default) allowing easy replication of worms. Now they disable the download of files of certain types -seems like overkill -maybe a pop warning about vbs and similar type files.

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    That originally came out as a security patch for outlook after the melissa virus, bit of a knee jerk reaction if you ask me but there are ways to disable it.

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    have you guys looked at the list of file extentions that are blocked? they blocked, among others .bat, .hlp, and .inf, seems like a bit of over-kill to me. maybe poping up a warning saying "Warning: the attached file(s) may contain viruses" or something...i mean, the only way to TRULY solve problems like email viruses is to edjucate users as to what is and is not safe to open...

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