I am new to antionline. I would like to get some advice from some of the 'pros' out there. I have two functional boxes and am connected to the internet by way of a cable modem with both boxes. What I would like to do is set up one of the boxes as a standalone firewall. I would like to connect to the internet through this box so that any possible hackers cannot access my main box. I have options of several different OS's, including Novell 5.0, W2K Pro and Server, and Linux (either RedHat 7.0 or Mandrake 7.1) for use on this firewall box. I am also utilizing BlackIce defender currently on both boxes.

The box that I will be using to do this has a celeron 633, w/256 mb ram. The main box that I am using is configured with Win98SE, 1 G Athlon-C, 512 mb ram. Both have 15 GB hard drives.

Any suggestions on what to use and how to configure this would be greatly appreciated.