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Thread: two default routes for my LAN

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    Lightbulb two default routes for my LAN

    I have a LAN wich connects to my proxy server on interface eth0 -
    as a default route i have now ppp0 217.x.y.z wich goes to my ISP.For masqerading i use ipchains (ipchains -A forward -s -d 0/0 -j MASQ) but soon i'm going to have one more route eth1(wich will be connected to a cable modem)
    the IPs in the LAN are from to 110
    Now i want to have half of the network going out through ppp0 and half through eth1 but what other rule then MASQ can i apply? ...how can i make a diff between the routes?


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    um i think is correct, i don't know, i might be wrong. first of all what browser are you using? for I.E. goto internet connections (under the tools). then click on the connections tab. click on the lan settings. and where it says proxy server, put in the desired server ip. i think it goes something like that, of course, i could be wrong.


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    The netfilter part of the 2.4 kernel has far more advanced traffic management then anything you could do with ipchains, although i've never tried to concurrently use an analogue modem and a digital one - why do you want to do this?
    A place i once worked had 2 2megabit lines from different isp's that were shared, but we used specialised hardware (load balancing linkproof's - very pricey)

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    Re: two default routes for my LAN


    First thing : why do you use cable modem AND a phone line at the same time ??? Seems a bit silly to me, but anyway ...

    Your PPP device will be far more slower than your cable one. My main idea would be to use ppp0 only when your cable link is down. For that ? No wonder, just make it the default gateway, but with a metric greater than the metric for the cable link (default route also).

    When a packet won't be deliverable through eth1, it'll be sent to your phone ISP.

    Performing load balancing and very different line is next to impossible "bare handed", meaning you have to do create special applications, or buy specialized hardware which will turn to be REALLY costly.

    I can see a solution, using two serial ports, one connected to your modem (ppp0) and one directly to another PC (ppp1) which will act as a routeur/nat for your cable modem. And you can load balance between those two devices (ppp0 and ppp1), but if I were you, I wouldn't count on good response time and performance.


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    i don't want traffic balancing

    The thing is i have a sattelite dish for download with 2 Mb capacity and i only upload now through ppp0 ...i don't want to switch dynamic....what i want is one static half of my network to getout through ppp0 and yhe other halt through eth1 ...and i want to force masqeraded ip's some of them to go through ppp0 and other to go through eth1... one more thing is that i don't know how to select de default eth ... while i don't know wich one itz gonna be brought up first by linux ...ethX i gaven dynamic as far as i know ...the first one that comes up itz eth0.
    in conclusion: i want to route 5 IP-s through ppp0 (given ip.s from 101 to 105) and the other 6 or 7 through eth0 . my cable modem rate will be 8/32
    (download/upload) while , as i said above, i don't need download.this will be temporary thing.i want to know if it worths changing the ISPs

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