Ok I hope that this doesn't turn into a this product sucks, use this one, or a You shouldnt use Outlook debate... This is just a question that I was wondering if anyone had thought about or run into.

Here is the scenario:

I have ZoneAlarm Pro Loaded

I am using Outlook 2000 as my mail client

I have MS Word 2000 set as my default email editor

I receive an email with a hyperlink

I click on the hyperlink, ZoneAlarm Pro prompts me to let MS Word access the Internet

I click yes and remember this answer

Latter I receive a document as an attachment that is infected with a macro virus mass-mailer (for sake of this question lets assume that the virus is new and my anti-virus definitions will not catch it)

Since I have already told ZoneAlarm to always allow MS Word to access the Internet will it allow the virus/trojan/whatever to access the Internet and send out multiple copies of it self?

Any comments are welcome.