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Thread: hello jparker

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    hello jparker

    I wanna network a couple of computers together...any suggestions on where to start? Sorry the question is so vague...it is meant to be just hypothetical...
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    If you want it to be as basic as possible without doing anything non-standard, you will need 2 NICs, 1 hub, and 2 lengths of wire. The rest pretty much explains itself.

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    right what stflook said. um you might want to use a firewall of some sort, to protect them (i know not all firewalls protect 100 or even 20%). oh, and also an electronic prod stick to automatically shock stupid people that use it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i love crazy pills


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    If you want to be cheap and skip the hub, just get two NICs and one crossover cable (different than a regular category 5 cable). If you plan on getting more computers together, though, you will have to get a hub.
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