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Thread: Hidden IP?

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    Hidden IP?

    Is there a way I can hide my IP on a dial-up? Is it impossible to never leave any trace of where I go anywhere? When a person views a newsgroup...does his/her IP addy get logged? And is there a way that it wouldn't be logged? Sounds like a silly question...but please just humor me...
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    It's not a silly question, that's what the forums are for

    On dial-up you can't. The data has to find a way back to your computer and vice-versa. The only way you can hide your IP is to bounce the packets off another source. Proxy servers can do this, so can those sites to surf anomonously with. If for example, I setup a proxy on my computer at home on port 8080 for example. You would simply direct your computer to bounce through my IP on that port. Basically, my computer retrieves the data and forwards it to your computer, masking you. If you surf a bunch of sites, if anything is logged, it would be my computer's IP that was logged not yours. This is how it's been done for years, with those that were paranoid/really smart would setup tons of redirect paths to bounce from. If you do some proxy cascading, then you bounce from one to another, around to another, etc finally back to your computer. So the true source would be very difficult to find. That's all from memory, I'm sure others here have some great links that go into great depth about this subject

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    When a person views a newsgroup...does his/her IP addy get logged? And is there a way that it wouldn't be logged?
    Yes the address most likely gets logged somewhere and no, unless you crack into their news server you can't make it not be logged.

    As knightmb mentioned, the proxy chains are the best way to achieve what you want. But, eventually the chain leads to you and so it can be easy for some group like the FBI to follow the chain back to you through the proxy logs (as well as any other kind of traffic log) if you do something illegal. The other problem with proxy chains is that they are usually slow. For every request, the data gets forwarded to every computer in the chain and then back through the chain again.
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    Isn't it also true, though, that any of hte various routers uses keep track of IP's and such?

    Ok, i'm not exaclty sure what i'm asking here, but i've heard it said that routers have all their traffic logged.... so would this effect anonymous surfing at all (besides just bieng a link in the chain?)
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    Yeah, there really is no way to hide your IP, only to make it difficult to find. I mean, deterring the casual script kiddie and/or stalker is relatively easy, compared to the kind of anonymity which could stand up to law-enforcement. If you want FBI-proof anonymity, I doubt anybody here could easily give it to you in any way, shape or form. But against spammers or kiddies looking for something that won't take more than a few minutes (it's an attention span thing), you could probably do a pretty good job of anonymity through various means. (Proxy chains, using public computers, etc.)

    Viewing a newsgroup... yeah, if someone with administrative access to the news server was VERY interested they MIGHT single you out and look through the millions of lines of log information to find something that MIGHT embarass you... But, if they don't have a reason to...
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    Any good links for good proxys out there???

    ive searched in seach engines but they give me alot of SLOW ones that EVERYONE on the net is using, hehe

    i want something that might speed me up not slow my connection down...

    If u got any links lemme know.

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    www.cyberarmy.com has a huge list of proxy's and wingates (don't know *how* they got the list, or whether you're allowed to use them)... some work, others don't, it's just a matter of pure luck as to whether you try one that works first, or the 50th attempt!!!

    Also, some that work one day, from that list, won't work the next - I've tried!!!
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