Hello All…

After a little over a week of sickness , I’m finally feeling better, so if you noticed that my posts were not as cheery or concise as they usually were. Then that’s because I was really cranky.

While I was sick and for the most part cooped up in the house, I decided to try a few new things…One was Sygate’s Firewall Utility. The 3.8MB download is well worth it! Sygate’s Personal Firewall (SPF) offers many of the same features as Zone Alarm and Tiny (Haven’t tried Outpost yet, So I can’t compare) , and more. A few of the features I noticed immediately; when trying to connect to Websites, SPF immediately gives me an alert (Like others) BUT unlike others it gives me protocol information about the packet being sent out…as well a binary dump of the packet.

SPF offers several ways to view log information, which it conveniently divides into 4 types (Security, System, Traffic, and Packet) each offers a wealth of information. I found the Packet Log, excellent, it logs every packet that is sent and enters, and like the alerts gives protocol information for both (TCP & IP) as well as a binary dump (Very Cool).

I tried SPF at Symantec’s Security Check, as well as at HackerWacker, it passed both tests, and even classified the “attacks” as port scans in the security log.

I’ve only been using it for about a day. So I’m still testing it. But I would appreciate it, if someone on a network could test SPF and post their opinion. I think they will the find the Advance Options very useful.

Overall…I am really impressed with Sygate’s Firewall and think it’s definitely worth the download!