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Thread: is it real?

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    is it real?

    Don't have time to help anyone right now, but I thought maybe someone else wanted to play good samaritan.

    This is the message:


    i have not read any of your post, but i just became a member for one
    reason, someone has been terrorizing me, insulting me, my family, my
    girlfriend. Saying the harshest things ever, and I would like to know who
    they are, I think they are using AIM but im not entirely sure, please
    email me back with any information you can give me, id really appreciate
    any help you can give, thanks. I am so bad at this stuff I dont even
    know how to post a thread, so if you can tell me how, id really
    appreciate it. thanks again
    I don't know if anyone has recieved a similar message from an aol.com member, just wanted to check here first. If anyone is feeling helpful, then e-mail me I'll give you the real reply address. I have helped people that send me messages like this before, but I'm busy all week, so I will be less than helpful at playing detective this week.

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    hey knightmb, if only i can help, i would. but i'm not. anyway, my reply is this: among those that you helped, did you succeed? and i want to know the process, specially if there's programming involved. if there is programming involved, what language is most appropriate?
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    I think only one was a "success" so to speak. The others, I never heard back from them. The last one I remember, a parent wanted to know how their child got their password. I helped them find a keylogger that was starting with the system. I think they were using AOL as their parents and then sending flame mail, being an ass in chatrooms, etc. Last I heard, the kid was grounded for life, or something like that I don't remember

    The others involved trying to find out who was sending harassing e-mails, etc. I did help a few track it to companies where the harasser was working, then after that I never heard back from them, so I don't know if it ever was a "success". It was really nothing more than reading message headers, the other was going through the startup of windows98 to see what "odd" programs might be starting.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else here gets the same amount of please help me mail as I do

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    no...i never get any messages...but that's good...im still learning...and thats really kind of you to help out...for free and everything...way to go man hip hip hooray!!!!
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    I might be able to help, if the person is harassing them via AIM or E-Mail. other than that, I make no guarantees.
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    Don't know if you guys noticed, but that email is exactly the same as a post by BaketBallJones in the General Chit-chat forum.

    I didn't receive the email, but it seems that someone wants his problem solved really quickly...

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