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Thread: Help, please. I have been hacked!

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    Greetings: The question is valid................ Yet to a certain extent, remains extremely suspicious.

    A- Does the "Suspected Person in Question", Have Complete, and Total access to your P.C.? (Keylog), not a console based Trojan.

    B- If he was able to send a Trojan, how is ist possible that you accepted it? Even with a rudimentary Anti-Virus program running on your computer?

    C- I have been maried for 6 years, and I still cover my tracks.

    For a good trojan Prog. (Trial Version), D-Load from:


    The Program is TDS3

    Or go to www.grc.com Run "Leak Test"

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    Is it possible this other "girl" you had the voice conversation with was in on it with him? She could easily have recorded the conversation on her end.

    If this is true, he need not have even cracked your system. I have read exploits on Hotmail's security vulnerabilities, and there are more everyday. I have heard Yahoo is fairly vulnerable as well.

    Has he sent you anything that hasn't gone out to the internet, such as personal files from your harddrive?
    (Be careful, here. Someone trying to mindjob you can just provide a link in their email with an HREF="file://c:\my%20documents\doc1.doc" and make it appear they have hacked your system when they have not. They have just provided a link to a file they know or suspect exists on your computer. Since *you* have access to the file, you can open it when you click the link, but he cannot.)

    You mentioned he sent you files from your Yahoo account before he cracked the Hotmail account. Did you actually download and run these files? If you did, I'd still suspect a trojan.

    Did he actually send your passwords, or did he just gain access to your account? If he actually had your passwords, you probably have something ugly installed on your system. If he just accessed your account, there's probably nothing on your system.

    I propose he is probably just a punk who learned how to hack hotmail and yahoo accounts (or had a friend who knew), and got a girl to buddy up to you so you would damn yourself. This would explain why your anti-virus and Cleaner 3 found nothing. I would say that a keylogger might not be detected by either, but a keylogger wouldn't explain the voice conversation.

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    One more thing...

    Didn't anyone think of "custom made trojans"?

    I discovered a trojan at work.
    It opened a port between 23:00 and 0:00 and was open to connections only during that hour.

    It was a nasty little buggar, but the firewall stopped it. ($1000-class physical firewall)

    Just keep in mind that the trojan-sweepers look for a spesific file or a spesific way to reload after reboot, or maybe a spesific open port.

    If this ******* made the trojan himself the sweeper programs would fail. As would a antivirus program.

    Just keep it in mind.

    What I would do:

    Reformat harddrive, reinstall OS, keep clear of hotmail and give https://www.hushmail.com a visit

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    right well first of all you had to of had a dictonary word for your hotmail password. what i mean is that if you want a good password you must not make it a real word but letters and numbers combined, and at least 7 characters long, and it has to be a random thought, cannot mean anything to you or anyone else. i can't tell you how many times i've hacked into someone with the password being password. second of all you shouldn't have downloaded ANYTHING from him or anyone you don't know, or even know, without running it through a couple antivirus checkers. and the whole voice thing, hmm, i dont' know. either you have a cable connection and you were talking on the phone while at the comp and he was using your mic. (if you have one) and recording you phone conversation. or he was a complete loser and was phreaking. or he is a liar. have you confirmed the phone conversation was you, ask him to hear to it. that's all, for now, that i have to say.


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