I am going to get my tele back and want to dial in to the college here...my work-study is tech-support and my admin has set everythin up on the college side to allow me to do so...i have set everything up and ready to dial in...the problem is that the college is infested with virii and attacked constantly with DDos attacks...how can I set up my puter to avoid getting the same problems? As you guys know....i have ZoneAlarm...WinRoute...I am going to install Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition...i think I should be pretty safe...but am really paranoid...Id like to get another box and setup slak on it as a firewall for my windoze machine...but at the moment is beyond my assetts...now i am just rambling...but whatever...would like some insight on people who have experienced what I am about to (VPN with a college server) and what probs or not that has been experienced. Thanks much