I have had a Windows XP beta for a while now. I am running it on a 600mhz intel celeron, with a intel i440bx motherboard. 128mb of ram voodoo 3500 agp 3d accelerated videocard (with tv capture abilities) and I run it in 1024x768 16bit video mode.

My machine runs POORLY. I scroll down in internet explorer on any website and I can see the page frame from top to bottom one frame at a time. Full Screen Video is extremely poor usually not passing more than five frames a second. I had to disable the fancy gui stuff that is new to xp. Keep in mind my pc ran SWEET in Windows Millenium.. Whats up? Is xp just junk? Oh ya.. I been running it like six months.. heh

(timer bypass crack) ---I know... Im bad...

N e ways someone inform me on this.. thanx!

------ EViLSeeD -_-