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Christ on a bike!
Some people on here are so dumb it's criminal.
If you don't like the look of XP just change the display settings, so it uses the Windows 2000 style interface, or haven't you worked out how to right-click on the desktop yet?
There seem to be a lot of wannabes on here who seem to think that bad mouthing anything Microsoft does makes them a l33t h4x0r.
I've always wondered if it is a pre-requisite to becoming l33t to slag off MS.
It's as though someone once published the "How to become a l33t h4x0r" check list and at the top of list was "In order to become a l33t h4x0r you must hate Microsoft."

The daftest thing about this topic is that evilseed bad mouths Microsoft with such a passion you can just see him shooting his airgun at pictures of bill gates, but he admits that he uses MS products. Then fiend says he agrees but can't get his head around Linux, so doesn't use it. What a cop out.
Here's some advice :
Try reading up on Linux, ask some questions on here in the Linux forum if you must.
Then when you are ready format your hard disk and install a copy of Linux on it.
There you go no more nightmares about having to use an inferior MS product.

On second thoughts, perhaps the daftest thing about this topic is that I even bothered to get involved in it.
I must be drunk.
The book is "l337 h4x0r's 4 dumm135" v 0.3

This book says that you have to love unix and linux and ports of either.

We worship the book.... The book will guide us..

Ahhhh... We are enchanted by its presence...

If you feel i need to explain to you how I can classify you as a microsoft lovin goat worshippin pagan devil hippie.. lemmi know..