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    Even though this is old news, I had not heard about it as copied from http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/j...-gosling.html:

    "September 9, 1998 -- Sun Microsystems Inc. Vice President and Fellow James Gosling, the co-creator of the Java programming language, told a court here today that Microsoft Corp. has compromised the cross-platform capabilities of Sun's Java technology by modifying it in a way that Sun never intended. "

    This is probably the reason behind lack of support for java in XP. Microsoft tried to make it so java wasnt the free multiplatform thing that sun had envisioned. By making visual j++ microsoft tried to make it so you had to have their OS to use their java applications.
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    Who has What...

    Originally posted by knightmb
    Bah, I have the best of all worlds.
    I love my Windows, Linux, and Mac workstations. If I can't find something on one, I go to the other. Yeah, having a workstation for almost every possible OS and brand may seem a little expensive, but it's the perks of my job. I get first pick of left over PC parts. My whole living room is computers and the big screen TV for movies. Girlfriend hates it, but oh well

    So, I'm a Windows/Linux/Mac lover. One of the few mutants that lurk this board I guess. I just need a 4th OS to add to my collection, some Unix workstations are starting to look good

    Oh yeah, the topic, Windows XP runs just fine on the PIII450 256MB RAM workstation I have. I have to admit, I turned off about every pretty thing in the OS, was kind of odd after working on the neatly organized KDE or Win2k desktop.
    OK....... I have a iMac with OS 9.2.1 and 10.1, 3 Linux base boxes, 2 ME Boxes, 1 98se Box and 2 W2K boxes as well as a number of boxes I maintain for customers..... Processor speeds from 60Mhz to 1.2 gigs and ram from 32 megs to 640 megs. Hard Dive space from 2.2 gigs to 80 gigs, totals... lost track of.....(grin)
    Acess speed here is a Tier 3 ADSL (1.5 Mbs down and 512k up) static IP but several of my servers are on T3 backbones.... (Fun!!)

    Nuff Said (GRIN!)

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    Originally posted by Eversor
    As far as this goes

    Live and let live. In AO there will always be hardcore Win and Linux fans it's just something we are gonna have to accept and move on.
    I think that is the best way to put it.

    My personal experience - I am running XP and it runs beautifully. 1.3 GHZ, 128 megs ram. (Well, what would you expect. )

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    If you left the file system as FAT32 when you upgraded to XP, then that is probibly 99.9% of your problems. XP is essentially win2k with windowblinds, and a bit of 98 code (they brough back msconfig, yay). If any of you out there ran win2k on FAT32 you know what I'm talking about, its slow as hell and crashes a lot.
    If your going to install XP, make sure you format your HD as NTFS, or you will be sorry.

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