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Thread: why does everyone think there **** doent stink?

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    Originally posted by xstonedogx
    A better question might be: "Why do people choose to be bothered by flames posted by idiots?"
    I agree with this. As long as we keep reacting to them, they will keep coming and posting pointless crap. As long as people keep posting threads like this that show that some people are bothered by them, they will keep coming. If we ignore them, we will be taking away their whole purpose for being here - attention.
    Leave them alone, and they will go away.
    I am not saying we should just sit back and take their abuse, though. We can flame them, but there can be no hint of anger or resentment. That is exactly what they want.

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    We all come here seeking a better understanding of computers and computer security(or,at least I hope we do)We are from different locations and backgrounds,we have different levels of experiance.As I previously stated on another thread,we should treat others as we wish to be treated.Difficult as it may be,I don't think we should be taken in by the baiting that some of the participants set out.There is a proper time and way to put someone in their place,and there is a time to ignore blatant baiting.Baiting should not be acknowledged nor given the validity of any kind of answer.I think most of us here are intelligent enough to see the difference between a question or statement put forth in misunderstanding of a topic or lack of experiance and someone posting something just to seek attention or anger someone.I agree with stflook.......deprive them of the attention they seek and they'll soon tire of the little games they play.

    Just my humble,but long winded $.02
    \"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he,himself,does not become a monster....when you gaze long into the abyss,the abyss also gazes into you\"

    Friedrich Nietzche

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