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Thread: ms mittens V

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    ms mittens V

    fight temptation -
    cold spell cold spell
    ==happy halloween
    and some 'heh'

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    Hey dude, whats with the MsMittens posts, its got to stop, it is neither funny or anything but odd. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say please stop.

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    pleeeeeassse stop.

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    I think he's having the oh my gosh, a woman who knows something about computers, I'm in love syndrome. I've met women like this before dude, they are just as confusing as women they hate/don't know computers. The upside is you can spend romantic walks in CompUSA looking at all the computer hardware, the downside is that they are just as confusing as any other woman I have met that don't know a thing about computers. If you want to find your own MsMittens, I suggest posting a personal on the intenet at some major place like yahoo, msn, etc. If the tech chick is what you seek, I'm sure they are seeking the tech man as well. What better place to meet them than online right? I've met 3 women this way, so far all of the encounters have been pretty positive, even dated one of them before she had family problems at home and had to move to another state.
    She's out there waiting for you!! She has 10 servers in her bedroom, a huge entertainment center with surround sound, and a T1 line running to her apartment Go find her!!!

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