I'm writing in Java using emacs on my Windows ME box and it's giving me attitude when I try to compile code using either the menu commands or the C-c C-v C-c keystroke. I went throught the customization options and found where to specify the compile command (javac) and I did that and added my JDK directory to the PATH line in autoexec.bat, so I know that the problem isn't the command. The problem is that it's giving the path to the current buffer incorrectly. For example, if the file I'm working on is c:\emacs\foo\Bar.Java, the command issued by emacs should be javac c:\emacs\foo\Bar.Java, but it issues it as javac "c:/emacs/foo/" Bar.java. With this command, the part issed outside quotes is regarded as an argument rather than part of the file name. Any suggestions on how to tell emacs how to specify the file to compile? Also, it gives file paths using forward slashes. Any way to change this?