i was setting up a cox @home cable modem installation on a sony running xp. i could connect to the internet when i went straight from the cable modem to the nic, but when i stuck the firewall in between i never could get it connected to the internet. it is a linksys firewall and the setup page is, when i went into setup everything looked right except it had 2 boxes that it said were required by some ISPs. they were domain server and (i forget exactly what the other one was) ? home server?. xp doesn't come with winipcfg, i went to the dos prompt and used ipconfig /all and ipconfig /renew but i never could find out what those servers were. when we called the ISP the tech would not give us those server names and said he could get fired for doing that. is there any utility that i can use to find those server names? any help is greatly appreciated.