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Thread: Life or Prison !

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    Hey could we keep to the topic.
    Thank you

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    reading this thread actually made me stupider
    Bradley Lamar

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    Originally posted by Bradleylamar
    reading this thread actually made me stupider
    Then don't read it. I don't want to be responsible for the stupidification of our youth...

    Originally posted by freeOn
    Hey could we keep to the topic.
    Thank you
    Sorry, freeOn. I'll try to interweave the original topic with my reply to Mr. Zest's reply... Damn, I hate replies to replies...

    OK, Paul, here it goes - feet first without engaging my brain, for the sake of looking clever

    Usually a quote is surrounded by a recognisable quotation identifier. i.e. <quote> some quote </quote> or something like, Negative wrote "Hold your horses ..." however I never actually saw any such quote around anything I wrote??! Stop reading too much between the lines there Neg me old Waffle. *snicker*
    I was wrong to call it a quote, but when you said "Darwin hit the nail on da head with that beauty" I assumed the "THAT" was referring to "The days of r Evolution and adapation are still going strong as far as I'm aware... ". If not, the discussion ends here: you were right, I was wrong (dang, it hurts to admit that).

    To continue with the other possibility:

    As I said before: Darwin NEVER spoke about revolution.
    (There's one exception: he uses the word "revolution" in Chapter 9, where he calls 'Sir Charles Lyell's grand work on the Principles of Geology' a revolution in natural science - and when he's talking about the revolution his 'Origin of the Species' will effect.)

    The infamous 'quote in a quote'...
    Negative wrote, incorrectly.

    Evolution is a gradual - as in by degrees, or little by little -

    Incorrect? Blame Mr. Darwin, don't blame me:
    The Origin of Species, chapter 14, Recapitulation and Conclusion - Charles Darwin - 1859
    Nothing at first can appear more difficult to believe than that the more complex organs and instincts should have been perfected (...) by the accumulation of innumerable slight variations, each good for the individual possessor. (...) that any organ or instinct, or any whole being, could not have arrived at its present state by many graduated steps.
    "Innumerable SLIGHT variations", "GRADUATED", there you have it

    Maybe you ought to read up on 'punctuation' theory for example *wink* before you start making ridiculous statements, like that.
    I didn't make a statement, I quoted Mr. Darwin...
    And the gradualism vs. punctuation-discussion indeed is pretty interesting: the general trend seems to be that
    someone comes up with a good idea which then is subsequently copied - and most of the time refined (the Japanese seem to be pretty good in that), and every now and then someone else breaks the trend with a revolutionary new idea. - and the circus starts again... And I didn't copy-and-paste this from the Encyclopedia Brittania (which, I must admit, is the best around).

    So go readup in your Encyclopedia Brittanica rEvolution, as in punctation theorist version of evolution, mkay.
    PUNCTATION? As in 'a punctated lady-bird'? Now you got me all confused, Paul, I'm afraid my brain is going to hiccup and burp again <-- Splitting hairs again

    *hehe* Yeah okay, you were thrown by the Darwin redherring (Darwin da Grandaddy of evolutionary theory ... *cough* updated abit in his absence i.e. It's EVOLVED a bit since Neg's last voyage on the Beagle *grin* )
    H.M.S. Beagle's voyage round the world forgot to stop in Belgium... (And don't start making funny comments on why that was...)

    Splitting hairs again, ey Neg *wink*
    Now that would be DNA-research and stuff, I'm not into that

    There's no such thing as an 'evolutionary war': 'evolutionary war' is a contradiction pur sang. Point.
    That's what it's all about buddy, a continual struggle to survive in an ever changing environment. i.e. I'm using a metaphor of war to describe an evolutionary arms race between different entities in order to maintain some kind of stasis between periods of punctuation, get it? *wink*
    Aye, Aye, Sir. A metaphoric contradiction... nice

    Neg, went on to try an use my own example against me, alas showing big gaps in his understanding of things he proports to be an expert in *Ha*
    You got me there, Paul...
    "Don't mistake lack of talent for genius..."

    We are living in a constantly changing revolution system. Okay many people, when they think of revolution they are thinking of the big ones like the French Revolution, the Russian Communist Revolution etc etc ... but you're got to appreciate smaller scale revolutions are going on all the time around us.

    I'm not old enough to compete with the guy older than God in the AO age stakes but I certainly remember the end of communism in Eastern europe revolution .. and to a lesser extent the problems in Africa... also we are going through a hi-tec globalisation revolution *cough* the Internet atm ...
    When I said "I'm pretty sure no-one on the AO forums (except for the guy that is older than God) is old enough to really understand what a revolution is...", I meant that revolutions most of the time are not recognized as being revolutions at the time they're going on... At the time they're going on, people speak of it as being an evolution. Time will decide wether it should be called an evolution or a revolution...

    so STFU you idiot *ROFL*
    You sound like my boss, you know...

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    Damn Ok negative I think you cleared that up and were still able to put in the flame. How do you do it? lol. (joking, don't take personal)

    'The days of revolution are well and truly dead.'
    How can you believe in that. They are not dead. . Revolutions are started by radical ideas. We change the way of doing things every day and in every aspect.

    We can change the way bussinesses do bussiness, why can't we change the way the government does it's bussiness.

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    adding my 2 cents

    Well there is something we can do and it does work. Why dont you find out your congress mans E mail address and start sending him complaints eventually the more there is the likelyhood it will bring about another bill to counter act the other one. You just got to know how to play there game. Also starting a web site for complaints for everyone to reply to will get you some good attention, also lets not forget the media the devil of them all. You know they love a good story and a Really good fight. Just remember bush works for us we put him there his ass can be gone in less then 4 years.

    Play the game with there rules and turn it against them ( loop holes ) IT WORKS....

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    Negative wrote:
    You sound like my boss, you know...

    Anyway back to freeOn's original post, which seemed to be hinting at concerns over the US governments increasing invasion of peoples privacy on the Inet.

    freeOn wrote: "I personally don't see many protests anymore about the way the government is taking away or rights and civil liberties."

    Well maybe you need to do a bit more research into it freeOn, there are still plenty of people concerned over these issues. Yes maybe the tabloid news has run with it for a bit and dropped it, but the civil rights activists are still debating these issues as intensely/fresh as 0day. You need to widen your search a bit.

    Here is a nice lil story about the Canucks (Canadians) kicking their governments BigBrother **** in the proverbial bollocks.


    URL ... http://www.freecongress.org/Centers/...01.htm#story10

    There are many other Civil Liberties news portals like this, probably the most notorious is ACLU

    URL ... http://www.aclu.org


    slight aside:
    Freedom seems to exist somewhere between two extreme poles
    Anarchy/Chaos/Social Breakdown and BigBrother Control . As you tend towards either ends of these two! freedom/free speech/civil liberties somehow appear to be threatened.


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    I'm new here, but is everyone on here pretending to be a psuedo-intellectual with a puffed-up ego?

    I've never read such sophistic drivel in my life, and if this is any indication of the posts... ooooh the government is evil and they're probably going to arrest me because I like personal liberty and freedom of choice... then this is the last time I'll waste my time on this site.

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    Originally posted by DrKevorkian
    I'm new here, but is everyone on here pretending to be a psuedo-intellectual with a puffed-up ego?
    Nope, I'm the only one...
    BTW: why would anyone PRETEND to be PSEUDO?

    I've never read such sophistic drivel in my life
    'Sophistai' means 'teachers of wisdom'. The negative connotation to the word was added much later (as in 'it's not about who's right, it's about who wins the discussion' - Dr. Kevorkian was pretty good in that, too).

    and if this is any indication of the posts... ooooh the government is evil and they're probably going to arrest me because I like personal liberty and freedom of choice... then this is the last time I'll waste my time on this site.
    It's not an indication of the posts, it's an indication of MY posts...
    So you don't have to waste your valuable time on this site if you just ignore my posts.

    You like personal liberty and freedom of choice? I bet you do, but you want to deny others the right of personal liberty and freedom of choice...

    Dr. Kevorkian... pffff....

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    I have to admit I quite enjoyed reading this post, Negative and Paul Zest flaming each other in ways most people would simply back down from but both coming back with excellent posts.

    And it seems they have a silent respect for each other anyway.

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    ahhhhh, my first post and already a response from what I gather is the resident droll.......my task is complete...

    another post from the dept of redundancy dept

    btw, that is a really cool avatar... pfffff
    I\'d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.....

    Cyanide cocktail anyone? (with a pineapple twist, of course..)

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