Hi, I was givin an old computer, its a little too outdated to run the latest microsoft OS, but I dont want to waste it. I've decided I might try to install linux, I dont know much about computers, and I've purchased a couple of books, but I've run into a problem that none of the books have answered, and I have not been able to find any information on the internet about it. I do not have the device drivers for the CD-Rom drive on the computer, so I have not been able to load linux off the cds i purchased. I can not download linux off the internet onto that computer because it doesnt have an operating system, I went to the manufacturers webpage, creativelabs.com and looked for the drivers, unfortunately they do not support anything but windows. I guess I am wondering if this cd-rom drive cannot work without windows, how did windows get on my computer in the firstplace? windows 95 must have came off of a CD. right now the only thing on this computer is BIOS. and when I start up it says "invalid system disk, strike any key when ready". the CD-rom drive in question is a creative labs 24x model#CD2423E. I know this is a security related board, but I would really appreciate it if you anyone knows anything relating to this problem, or could at least point me in a different direction. thank you in advance.