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What would you recommend to start with? I'm already good with html but I want to go beyond that. I heard QBasic is easy is this true?

well i would say if u really want to go beyond and learn something then i will recommand C and C++ with some assembly also which will give u a good picture of how your computer is working internally....

assembly is little bit hard..but C and C++ are not that much...so work hard and u willl gain a lot...
here are some sites which can help u for getting some tutorials and guidence on the language. :-

for C and C++ :-

2)this is nice
3)check this out

for Qbasic :-
1)go here

for assembly :-
1) this is nice
2)one more
3)just see this also

for any type of tutorials go here

hope this is helped...

thank u...