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Thread: What was your first computer and what did do you regret doing to it?

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    supernormal thinking-machine :D`

    Hrmmmm, Ermmmmm
    Mine was was was was was was was was was was was was a..
    pentium XII. 1 million tertagebytes .. DUEL processor .. rawking dumb, slow machine ~ wid just 99,999 TeraGb of RAM n a 500X DVD drive.. ermm ... grrrrrrrrrrrR enuff !! heh.

    My first machine is a Celeron 300 A 16 Mb of ram .. 2.1 GB HDD (heh n the Computer dealer said to me, "why r u going for such a huge HDD whats the use.. heh !! " *no commentz* 24X Cd Rom drive.. with a Sis disply card.. 14' VGA .. Still got it n use too
    recently got a new machine.. and created a network.

    Ciao !! Take Care, Hab Fun All !!
    :: Real Eyes Realize Real Lies ::

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    there are too many newbie puta users here.......

    Technically, the first computer i owned was a Nintendo, the one with the anoyin square controller, and u push the cartridge in and push down... hehe very fun

    it r0x0red your mummaz j0x0rz heheheh

    no seriously, XT, 1/2 meg ram, 2x 51/4" drives heheh very cool indeed..

    then got 286.. mate this was 12Mhz !!!!! 1 meg ram and that 40 meg hdd was freaking huge buddie

    oh then upgraded to p90 hehe.. yeah a bit of a jump in processing power

    then theres a faze where i had like 4 machines.. i cant member what they were.. like ranging up to 200mmx.. man 200mmxers were solid.. member the Pro ?... oh baby.. hehe

    then i decided to get a smick ass lappy.. yeah.. and told myself.. i would only have this one puta.. etc... well i tried to stay with it.. but now as i type on this puta i look around at the file server, the dedicated CS server, the firewall, and the games machine.. and think... i really need to get rid of these..

    oh and btw.. what i regret about doing to the nintendo and xt... was getting rid of them.... man they were cool..

    i loved em

    Don\'t blame the hardware, dont blame the OS, chances are its your fault

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    Talking Love those Trash-80's

    TRS-80/Tandy's were one of the first PC's I was working on, However the first PC I bought for myself was when I was 14/15. It was a Packard Bell, it was the most expensive piece I junk I ever bought, and to think it took me how long to suffer through delivering papers to purchase it. I now got a wonderful Dell Dimension 8100, 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 Processor, 1 GB Ram, GeForce3, running DSL... She's a bute...

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    Lets see. My first computer. I think that would have been the ATT, but I am not positive. That may have been the second or third. I remember it was in 79 or 80 that we got it though. I know that our first "hard drive" was a 5 MB drive with a 5 MB removibal optical drive. It cost us almost 10,000 USD for the drive and we had to drive about 700 miles to get it.

    The stupidest thing I ever did with it. Well, I couldn't remember the dir command, so I looked it up on a sheet of paper that we had. Well, I wanted to get the list of games that my dad and I had programmed on the disk. The command I found was something like cf0g1a3, or something like that. Anyway, the command was actually the format command, but my dad had done something to rename it, so we wouldn't accidently format a disk. Well, obviously I lost everything on that disk. I was only 5 or 6 at the time though, and I don't think my dad ever did find out about that one. He accidently set a magnet on top of that disk before he found out that I had erased it.

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    Originally posted by Evil Homer

    I assume you mean Leisure Suit Larry? If so, yeah, had (still have actually) it and all the other sierra games that used that type of interface.....Space Quest, Quest for Glory, Kings Quest......they're the reason I got hooked on computers
    Thats it thank's
    \"SI JE PUIS\"

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    My first computer was a Schneider (Amstrad) CPC-464

    My biggest mistake ? Oh ... I guess like many people typing "del a:*.*" and answer "yes" a bit too fast to realize that it was the only MS-DOS floppy in the A: drive ...


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    I don't recall what the processor was, but here are the specs that i can remember:

    8in monitor
    60mb hardrive
    Windows 3.1
    Probelms- none

    I never had any problems with it. Although I was never really into computer then all I did was play some F117 game, solitarie, and simcity.

    My second computer was another Gateway:
    19in monitor
    10gig hardrive
    Problems- ****in CIH virus

    This is my present computer. Which is now a Dell:
    Model 8100
    1.5ghz (pentium 4)
    80gig hardrive
    19in monitor
    Windows ME
    Problems- When they find out who wrote the SirCam virus I'm going to kick their ass.

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    Thumbs up yeah!

    it was many years ago....
    & it was a ZX Spectrum (Sinclair) 48 K & minicassets ))))))
    oh ...... what a time)))))
    & now I have a 12 computers from celeron to PIV ......
    but I can't forgot my first...... (computer))))))))))

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    1st computer

    my 1st computer is the one i have right now

    Emachines 600mhz -66mhz system bus-
    256mb SDram 10ns by centon
    56k conextant modem
    SMC 10/100 network card
    10gb HD -ultra DMA-
    48x Samsung cd-rom drive
    32x HP cd-rw drive

    my computer came with Wincrap ME on it
    i had to keep it on their because of my games
    but i installed redhat linux
    because Linux rules the OS world!! not wincrap
    also i am a 100% Linux expert
    i mostly stay on Linux but when i want to play games here comes wincrap

    the **** is very slow
    thinking about building my own computer
    i found some cool stuff at =http://www.frozencpu.com=

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    Heh, my first comp was a Macintosh Plus. 20 meg hard drive, monocrome monitor w/ built in floppy. Still works too!

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