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Thread: Laptops

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    Only get laptops that don't have Windows XP. This is kindda hard now with XP almost completly dominating the few good comp stores we have, but you can still find a VERY good laptop WITHOUT windows XP. A good laptop would be a sony with Windows 98 that you could convert to a Linux RedHat 7.1.

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    ~As far as I can tell you, the rules for laptops are basically the same as other computers. Stay away from Compaq, E-Machines, and Packard Bell. ~

    I actually use an E-machine and for what I spent on it ($300) back in 1999 it has done a great job. As for Packard Bell and Compaq, I am in total agreement.
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    emachines and hp laptops are bottom of the line. they use the cheapest parts. compaqs are a little better, on the top of the line you've got sony, ibm, and dell. take it from me, i am a computer technician at compusa and i work on laptops everyday. get an ibm laptop. they come with a 3 yr manufacturers warranty. most laptops only come with 1 yr (compaq armadas and hp omnibooks have 3 yrs but are only sold commercially). i'm not sure what dells warranty is but some sonys only have a 90 day warranty. as fragile as laptops are you need a good warranty. i've seen people sit on them, leave them in a hot car, spill stuff in them, etc. just make sure you have a good warranty bc if your system board goes bad in one you're looking at $800-1000 to replace it, or if you screen goes out you're looking at $700-1500 to replace it. you may as well buy another laptop. plus hdd are anywhere from $200-500 so i can not emphasis the importance of a warranty enough. i would suggest an ibm laptop, you can only buy them online they are not sold in retail stores anymore so go to ibm.com and order yourself one today! (i've got one)
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    laptops are awesome..

    but you need to get one with more standard hardware.

    also 3d acceleration is a must..

    so aim for a pentium 3 933 with 3daccel video capabilities and active matrix screen..
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    Not bad for my first-ever post.
    I really appreciate all the help you guys offered. He still hasn't made up his mind yet, but now, he does have a lot more offers to think about.

    It's good to see AO pulling together for a common cause. Who ever said that these forums were just for "h0w t0 h@cK h0tmaIl" kidds?
    No, it wasn't me. Stop looking at me that way, I promise.
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    I have a WinBook...designed solely for Microsoft and I'm afraid to try to run anything not Windows friendly on it. It's not very good and the mouse port broke but they did fix that...Don't get a WinBook.
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