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Thread: processors

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    AntiOnline Senior Member
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    Oct 2001

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    AMD for me. Speed, quality, reliability, and cost...

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    Intel Pentium 4 baby, 1700mhz oh god I'm getting to excited. I love that chip.

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    Oct 2001

    Lightbulb Dual board

    Check out http://www.tyan.com if looking for a dual Anthlon motherboard. I've been using the Tyan brand both at work and home for some time now and they've left a very good impression on me.

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    Senior Member
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    Oct 2001
    I used to favor Intel. but they really screwed up with their release of the Pentium 4. The AMD Thunderbird runs circles around the Pentium 4 right now.

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    why would anyone say stay away from celeron. the price is right and they are tried, tested and true. as for P4 other than the price what's the problem? I would never trust myself to buy a new amd (tb, ath, dur) - they are cheap for a reason and i wouldnt count on them making it past the 5 year mark.

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    Senior Member
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    Jul 2001
    Celerons are cheaper because they *didn't* make the cut. Celerons are chips that are run through the benchmarking process and come up short of the benchmark expectations.... therefore they have a defect somewhere. The only reason they are purchased is the price. I wouldn't want a Celeron in my system.
    Warfare is the Way of deception.
    -Sun Tzu \"The Art of War\"

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    or maybe they are processors with less cache

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    Oct 2001


    Celerons are not cheap because they are faulty junk that didn't make the cut. They are cheap because Intel realized that AMD was killing them on the bargain processor market. The processor I would suggest staying away from is the cirrus.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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