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Thread: General Security and Learning plus links!

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    Another good, well written thread. Needs to keep its place near the top!

    ps When are you posting the 'how to hack' thread?
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    Hello Ennis!

    Good day to you! Nice post there! Informative and clearly said. Keep it up!
    "Bon Travail!"

    A blessed day to all!
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    nice work Ennis...keep the tuts comin...they are very appreciated.

    Definitely want to impress upon newbies the importance of in-depth knowledge
    of networking..without a good understanding of how and why networks work
    one's abilities would be severely limited.
    Just a couple of links I wanted to add to the list

    Network Magazine
    Practically Networked

    IP Index ......isnt comin up right now..dont know why...

    Tech stuff
    1001 Tutorials
    Inform IT

    Security Library
    Security Focus
    Security News


    these are a few of the ones I find useful..
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