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    Talking May the Source be with you...... :P

    So.. you want to learn to code eh? Well I will first have to say that I personally would recommend C as a first programming language, but that is just my opinion. As for compilers, there is no need for you to use any proprietary carp, legal, illegal or otherwise.

    If your a Windows kid, go to http://www.bloodshed.net/devcpp.html
    and get Dev C++. It is a full featured IDE much like the Visual Studio C++ IDE, but it is free, you can have the source code, and it won't be backdoor'd like that warez crap is likely to be.

    If you are a *nix person you have just about everything you could ever need or want as part of your base system and packages. Once again, free, you can have the source code, not backdoor'd.

    Lastly I would say check out http://www.ddj.com, it is a great resource for programmers of any particular type.

    No matter what you choose, I would recommend staying away from Cobol, Basic, and maybe even VB. These are dated and not very portable. Oh.. and don't refer to HTML as programming around actuall programmers.

    Have Fun.
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    Learing C

    I bought MSVC back in the day to try and learn. BIG MISTAKE. All I got out of it was learning how to print "Hello World!" in DOS. I learned C when I started programming on a MUD. There was plenty of source code to look at. At first I made some simple changes like changing what the MUD outputs to you, etc. Eventually I learned how certain things work with each other, etc. I must warn you though. MUD programming will corrupt you. I repeat. MUD programming will corrupt you. You will pick up so many bad habits. Pretty soon you'll be asking yourself where const.c and merc.h went in your C projects.
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