I am writing today to let you all know about a new/er product that is out to stop all computer screw-ups. I am speaking of DeepFreeze. Let me explain what this does.

First you set up a computer how you would like it. Everything from screen savor and desktop background to what programs you would like on. Once you have the computer they way YOU would like it, you install DeepFreeze. Now when you reboot and come back up everything seems the same. When you take a deeper look you will notice that your C Drive icon is now a picture of a computer inside an ice cube. Now you also may notice that there is an extra drive. The new drive is the H Drive. Why do you now have an extra drive? Because you now cannot save anything on the C Drive. Let me explain. Once DF is installed ANY changes made to the computer are gone once you restart. If you move an icon on the desktop, it will be right back where it was after the reset. If you downloaded something off the Net, it will be gone. If you made ANY changes what so ever, they will be reversed. Cookies, Temps, EVERYTHING will be gone. Of course this is why you cannot save to the C Drive. You MUST save to H Drive or of course a floppy disk.

Now I have seen many things like Fortress and other little programs that are suppose to keep people out. This is NOTHING like those small programs. This is VERY good in what it does. The company is offering $500 to anyone who can get around it. (I assume they still are.). I and another technician spent 45 minutes trying to crack it after it was showed to us. I must admit it is the BEST I have EVER seen.

I am not going to tell everyone what I and the other tech did. I will let you all play around and see if you can come up with anything. You can download your evaluation version at the site wich will be posted at the end of this article.

Here is what the actual site has to say about the product:

Reduce or Eliminate Support & Maintenance

No Computer Downtime
Full utilization of expensive computer assets. Deep Freeze® "freezes" your
software configuration. Whatever hackers, mischief makers and innocent clickers
attempt, their "work" will instantly disappear when the computer is restarted. All
settings, files and programs are 100% restored to original configurations every

Full Access for Users
The computer operates without restrictions or security barriers and all programs
run normally. Deep Freeze is invisible and totally non restrictive and does not
interfere with programs. The user enjoys full access to all computer functions.
Deep Freeze has set a new high standard of reliability and ease of use in
Windows Protection.

Simple & Extremely Flexible
Deep Freeze requires NO setup or configuration. Just install, restart and its
working. Save files to a floppy, network, or into a specified Deep Freeze "thawed" space (Pro version). It's easy to make permanent changes; just turn Deep Freeze off and install or remove your programs or make configuration changes.

The site also includes testimonials

Here is the site.
Download DeepFreeze Now!
Download it and hack, slash, crack, break, kick, punch, and curse away!
Please respond with your attempts and info you find. Let us know how it is going! I think you will agree that this product, for it's job, is the best EVER!

Thank you all.

Alive to Learn,