I decided this topic should have its own thread as started by Cmd_Spook in the thread "when enemies become friends".

Day 1 "The Prank"

Well last year it was my junior year in High School. http://www.shs.springfield.k12.il.us/
And ya know how you have this major term paper thats worth like 300points or something. Anyway, our class went down to the Mac lab to work on them. They then connected us to the school server and that was pretty spiffy for example when I made a document titled "Zak_is_Fag.txt" and saved it the whole class could see it and that was pretty cool. Well being a dumbass I decided I would put an encrytion code on this Zak kids paper and when the diolog popped up I typed in "123456" and hit enter and it started this encryption process. I left that class feeling very good about myself.

Day 2- "Total ****ing Chaos"

That morning I overheard some webdesign people talking about a security breach I didn't think much of it and went on my way. When my 4th hour Literature class came up I was about 15min late. When I entered the room everyone started laughing and booing at me and the teacher looked down upon me and told me to get my ass to the computer lab. When I got there, there was about 8 webdesign people huddled around a computer and the admin motioned me to come. It so happens that when I pulled that little stunt not only did it encrpyt that one guys paper, but around 3/4's of the entire junior class. She sat down with me and said "Look, you wont get into any trouble if you just tell me what the ****ing password is, okay?" I agreed and had to sit down there for about 40min so they could figure it out. After this incident people would goto the teacher and state that they had it finished, but what I did caused not to be all the way completed. I made a lot of friends the following week. Then the rumors started.
The main one was that I had "Hacked" into the school server, did that encryption thingy and then made the password "Zak is a Fag". Thats pretty much it though. What are some of yours?