I've stopped posting, because I was getting negative antipoints for incessant babble, and I have better things to do. However, everytime I check back here, it seems like incessant babble written by others. Are there no good topics here? Bullshit hackers telling people that they hack.. Ha! A hacker would never tell someone that they hack... especially in a security forum. It's like going into a Police convention and announcing.. "I'm not a cop, I just vandalize vehicles." The posts have really gotten pretty bad. I used to post years ago, before AO reformatted their whole system, my account "Asphixia" was erased along with many other inactive accounts, why inactive? Well, the posts are repetetive and childish. Second, no one has a sense of humor. When people sent me "Lamer" negative antipoints for that Geek Test link, which I thought people enjoyed considering there were at least 40 responses, it makes me wonder why I even bother. I go to school full time, I go to work full time, why waste time posting comedy in a humorless society? I could be sleeping. Then we have posters that respond to their own posts 30 times, why? To waste precious memory, and to boost their own number of posts. Get a life. It's one thing to post something informative, sincere, or humorous, but posts which just confirm themselves for the 20th time are a pure waste. I'm done ranting for this post.