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    Re: interesting

    I don't doubt it, IBM is heavy into HDD technology. They pulled off an amazing stunt with the micro-drive. I can remember scoffing at the idea of a 2 GB HDD " only porn freaks and people with too many video games would ever use that, I can't see it"

    btw I don't soff at new ideas and technology on the horizon anymore.
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    I personally have almost 200 GB of MP3's... yes I am an evil person.

    I remember when a computer salesman told me that I would NEVER use 10 MB of hard drive space! Never say never, and I can say that to all of you that think we will never use 400 GB of hard drive space.

    I also remember, not that long ago, when 1 GB of data was pretty much unimaginable. Now that number is 400 GB, soon it will be 1 TB.

    There is also one company, that will remain anonymous, that is collecting about 17 TB of data a DAY. Now that is a server farm to say the least.

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    I guess one could use a lot of Hard Drive space if you are a broadband user. Even with just dial up, in the last year I have downloaded nearly 1000 songs(8 hours a night almost every night), but that still is just 4 gigs.
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