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Thread: Mailbomber for win2k

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    Originally posted by Suicidal Maniac
    Seems I have had the wrong impression about the purpose of this site. I thought as the site offered Mailbombers in it's download section, that it condoned their use. Now I see I was wrong. But I am sure you can understand how I was mislead and confused.
    Fair enough, i can see how this could become confusing to people visiting for the first time (or not knowing the purpose of the site)

    Originally posted by Suicidal Maniac
    As these programs are only for 'script kiddies' of whom you all despise so much, would it not be a good idea to removed this software from the downloads section.
    As i said earlier, the reason this sort of program is put in the security downloads section is primarily to help admins and such like understand how they work, if it attracts trolls into the form (NO reference to you there intended) for flaming then, so be it.

    Originally posted by Suicidal Maniac
    No-one ever gave me a chance to say why I may have wanted such a program, but just was quick to flame me
    We did give you a chance to explain, but you chose to use it to insult us, the reason i was quick to flame is because on hacking newsgroups and irc channels there are lots of people who ask questions such as, and worse than yours after a few hundered "how do i hack hotmail?" questions you tend to become a little irritated, mail bombing programs are frequently used by script kiddies.

    Originally posted by Suicidal Maniac

    I have no programing skills, and doubt i would ever be able to write any kind of application. But that is why you have programmers that make these things, whatever applications they are. Do you write all the software you use? I doubt it.
    You are right, i don't write all the software that i use, it would be ridiculous to ask ANYONE to do so. However you are asking for a piece of software that can easily become illegal to use in asking whether or not you understand how the program works is generally a good measure of whether or not you know what you are letting yourself in for (as you know how the program will work). It would seem that you did not know what you were letting yourself in for as you were planning to use the software against future assailants, a very unwise move as you would get much more than a flaming. That is why i told you to learn how to program.
    There\'s no sense in being would never work anyway.

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    Mailbombing is just lame, plain and simple. Why? anybody can do it, there is no knowledge required. AND you will get caught since all the programs claim to be anonymous wich they are not.

    Altough if u don't want to get caught (here comes the knowledge part) use an anonymous remailer(if you know how to write the script). If you are on ADSL and the target starts bitching and moaning to your ISP's abuse department it could lead to downtime for you.

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