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    Wink Re: Ennis

    Ennis: I appreciate your post.
    Do you remember we were talking about idealism?

    A little remark: wrong spelling
    1) In the early computer years (and now too) lot of comp techs used slang and will keep using it
    2) When you are 15 hours online at AO without getting a nap and sitting in front of two or more computer screens flikkering to your eyes it happens that you lose total control over your typing behaviour (especially when your not a native english speaker!).

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    you should prolly considering adding a little part about asking how to do illegal things, like stealing programs, cracking programs, and the such... maybe in part 2

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    It's just like a mini-instruction manual to AO. Hopefully this time around more people will read it and learn instead of other users having to post more of these kind of posts. I agree with lord_darkside_ though because I really get annoyed with the people that ask about how to do illegal acts.
    Life is just a series of decisions, each one can alter your future and you can possibly end your life at any moment. Do you really want to be under the care of the Microsoft Support Center?!?!

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    Thumbs up great post

    Yet again you post somethig useful, and yet again i feel inlightened IMO i think this post along with KapperDog, Newbies, Please Read This First!!!!!! form the newdi forum should be inculded as optional((but highly recomended)) reading to all newbies, perhaps inculde a link on one of the resistration Emails to this post and KapperDog. Anyway that my piece and my opion, once again great post as always keep up the great work look forward to reading more posts of yours.((stops licking you ass now and goes))

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    Hey nice to see this post back up.

    Ill get working on Part 2 later, dealing with
    How to Ask Questions.
    What not to Ask!

    And well little tidbits thrown in.

    Maybe Ill do it tomorrow or later tonite, not sure as Im heading out now.

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