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Thread: TCP Ports

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    Question TCP Ports

    I'm looking for a (win9x) program that I can use to monitor and log all data that comes over one specific port (in my case, I want to log all incoming and outgoing data on a local port... Anyone? It would be nice to send some raw data trought the program over the port as well, but that's additional... Please, I could use the help...

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    You want to monitor this, without the program itself being bound to the port? I think you want a packet-sniffer. You could probably filter the results to selectively look at data for a single port.

    If you have Sygate personal firewall, you can make a rule so that it automatically captures packets under certain conditions.

    If you want a more full-fledged sniffer, I would suggest Ethereal.

    As for injecting your own data... Hmm. Are you sure you don't mean that you want a proxy?

    What program or port are you trying to log? Could you give us more specifics?
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    Thanks Terr, this is just what I needed...

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    port sniffers

    if you go to download.com, you can go around and search for packet sniffers that moniter all incoming traffic

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    finally a smart post, good job dfgt5
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