Well, surfing to www.microsoft.com in Opera 5.12, something weird happens whenever I click a link in the left menubar area. Some funny Javascript stuff happens, and Opera starts trying to reload the page hundreds of times a minute. The "stop" button doesn't affect it. Needless to say, this renders the current Opera window a tad unusable, and bandwidth is eaten.

In the main page, the code for the link I clicked (happens with some others) is:

<table width="176" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"><tr><td class="flyoutLink"
<A onclick="javascript:trackInfo(this);" LinkArea="Flyout"
ID="Flyout_S3_Node1" LinkID="Flyout_S3_Node1"
Opera seems to indicate that it is trying to load the href= referenced address. But it keeps doing it over... and over... Now, if I enter in http://support.microsoft.com/directory/ all by itself into my address bar, it works without a hitch. Therefore I think the problem is with the javascript, and more specifically, in the javascript:trackInfo(this); section, because the function trackInfo(); is found within "ctredir.js", sounds like redir is for 'redirect' to me...

<BODY onload="loadPage(100, 1000);"
<script language="JavaScript" src="/library/include/ctredir.js">
Which, as you can see, is loaded. Now, WITHIN ctredir.js, I find:

PHP Code:
function trackInfo(objLink)
    if (!
objLink) return;
    if (!
objLink.LinkID || !objLink.href) return;
LinkText = (objLink.innerText)?objLink.innerText:objLink.all(0).alt;
    if (!
LinkText  || typeof(LinkText)=="undefined") return;
LinkText jsTrim(LinkText);
    if (
LinkText=="") return;
// override link's HREF and send on its way
    // For Link Text - take innerText if available, or ALT if image
    // Sometimes with slow browser reaction and rapid clicks this can get called more than once -
    // ensure there's no repetition.
if (objLink.href.toString().indexOf("CTRedir") < 0)
objLink.href "/isapi/CTRedir.asp?type=CT&source=WWW&sPage=" 
+ ((objLink.LinkID)?escape(objLink.LinkID):"") + "|" 
+ ((objLink.LinkArea)?escape(objLink.LinkArea):"") + "|" 
+ ((objLink.LinkGroup)?escape(objLink.LinkGroup):"") + "|" 
"&tPage=" objLink.href;

Anyone have some Javascript experience, and could possibly enlighten me on this? AFAIK this is new, I don't recall having major problems with M$'s site with Opera before.

Edit: Edited so smileys are disabled... one or two weird things caused by them, also tried to remove the super-long lines that extended browser windows.