I've known I wanted to be in the computer field for some time now, but just a couple of weeks ago decided that Computer Security would be section for me. I'll try not to ask the same questions that have all ready been answered, I've been reading alot of past posts for the last couple of days, in attempt not to ask the same old questions again(pats self on back) . I have started later then most people learning about this stuff from what I've seen(I'm early 20s). So I'm looking to cover alot of ground fast.

Sorry for the long intro, now for the questions.

#1. I was wondering if it was possible for viruses to defeat say, Norton AntiVirus 2000 that has been kept up to date and is on when the computer is on? Mainly, once you get a virus is there always a way to detect you have it? Hope that kinda makes sense.

#2. I have access to Borland Delphia 5.0 Pro and M$ Visual C++ 5.0, learning edition. Should I try to learn both at the sametime? Focus on one for a while? If just one, which would be the you'd recommend? I have just started into this as well .

#3. I notice this site has viruses to DL. I was wondering if it was safe to DL the ones from the site? If it would help me to further my knowledge to learn how they tick? and about what stage would you recommand doing that?

Sorry, if I've asked alot of boring questions. They'll get better as I learn more, I promise . Thanks for any help you can provide!