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Author- Ennis
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This is a very commen type of tutorial on ethics and some guy asked me to post something on ethics in the tutorial section so here goes. Enjoy!

part a. Types Of Hackers

In a new era of hacking it is vitally important for the older generation to keep a sense of ethics and values alive, or we may simple add to the media's 'negative' view of hackers.
It is therefore the reason I have chosen to add an ethics section here.
Hopefully by introducing the many types of hackers in the world you can choose the right type and understand what a true hacker is.
I wont begin with the obvious dictionary defination of a hacker [seeker of knowledge etc.] but try to introduce the attitude of various stereotyped hackers.
However in my opinion real hackers come under no defination and are just people interested in computers regardless of whether they spend years learning the finer points of programming or years gaining root on a lame admins system.

There are many names for different classes of hackers.

The Script Kiddie
* Lamers
* These 'hackers' or wannabes manipulate tools written by others to achieve respect. At the moment I would consider there presence as widespread. They give hackers a bad name and usually use trojans [RATS].
How often have you been on IRC and felt their presence, SUB7 scans are their usual tactic as well as the infamous DoS attacks.
* It is these Script Kiddies who have demised the respectful name of hackers into the anti-media tag it carries today.
* In my humble opinion Virii users come under this category but not in the case of those who have personally written the virus.
* Do not fall under this category if you want true respect.
* Often use Windows and AOL and try to hack hotmail.

* Next generation of hackers
* These are the learners of the hacking world, their main aim is to gain knowledge.
* They begin as script kiddies often indulging in such activities but quickly learn it is lame.
* Most have the respect from elders as they want to learn and avoid the simplicity of simply becoming a script kiddie.
* It is a joy to see such people grow as they install Linux and no longer get flamed on BBS boards, it is these people who are the future of hacking.

The l33t
* Average Hackers
* The use of numbers and symbols in hacker culture is becoming lame but is the way for a small generation of hackers who are usually fairly good hackers who never become too serious but have a general understanding of computers. You know the type who write like this 5h1+ 1m l33t 0w m0+h3rfu<3r5.
* May indulge in defacement for message purposes.
* Are known to get involved in hacker wargames.
* Usually have websites with good grafix.

BBS and Warez d00ds
* The current generation of hackers are BBS boys , they spend long amounts of time reading and posting on message boards learning and passing on knowledge.
* There are numerous old boards with great history and new ones are appearing everyday.
* Usually they are fairly large communities and at times get involved in long flame wars with newbies, script kiddies and lamers.
* Helpful at times.
* It is important that people realise many highly known boards are visited by FBI etc. to keep tabs on the latest exploits, defacements etc.

* Also known as Black Hats
* These guys come in two forms, Software crackers who get programs for free like warez d00ds and the evil BlackHat crackers.
* True Crackers are intelligent guys, they can in essence hack and can easily bypass security.
* They are not to be mistaken with script kiddies as true crackers know their stuff, they dont use other peoples tools and are usually as smart as an ethical WhiteHat hacker.
* The old age debate of Hacker/Cracker has been well-reviewed and it is true that the media should technically use the word cracker when describing people who have stolen credit card numbers or so on.

The Ethical/True Hacker/WhiteHat
* The real elite [not l33t].
* Well these guys are the people who arent really around any more, they are the people who once hacked but probably stopped due to the upsurge of lame script kiddies of today. They are not in large numbers these days so if you know one keep with him or her and you will learn
* Programmers with many languages
* Unix or Linux experts.
* Respected members of the hacking community.
* Helpful and non-destructive.

Here is the list of White Hat rules taken from a tutorial by

with info by Carolyn MyAnal
Ascii Work by -IceCanibus
who are apart of the r00t-access crew.
-Thou shalt respect knowledge and freedom of information above all else in cyberlife. Thou shalt respect all systems and treat them as you would treat your own.
-Thou shalt develop an addiction to knowledge, gaining it all the time and taking pride in new knowledge you have gained and can shre with others in your own name.
-Thou shalt only take credit for things you have discovered yourself and give FULL credit to all revisions.
-Thou shalt not hack systems to profit from any information contained within.
-Thou shalt not damage or modify or make copies
of any system whatsoever With exception to log
files which are advisable to prevent detection
-Thou shalt not make use of other peoples programs more than you make use of raw methods and invent your own.
-Thou shalt e-mail every sysadmin from an anonymous account to inform him/her of the flaws in the system and where he/she can download a patch, do not fix the system yourself.
-Thou shalt not intentionally harm a systems bandwidth and thou shalt not crash a system intentionally [including DoS]
-Thou shalt share thine knowledge freely, not profit from any knowledge and assist all people who require knowledge.
-Thou shalt not take stupid risks of yourself [or anybody else for that matter] on any system. This thine duty to keep all hackers out of prison.

" end of piece.

OK, back to me.

The Phreakers
* The trend of phreaking is nearly as old as hacking itself and is hacking in the sense that it involves love of technology, the want to learn how to understand communications.
* Many phreakers are legends in the world of hacking.
* Phreaking is fun and well respected if done correctly.

The Legends
* Famous crackers such as Kevin Mitnick whose jail term is a long webpage defacement issue. More recently Rapheal Gray and of course the infamous MOD group with such legends as Phiber Optik and the LOD group.
* There is another text on famous crackers so lets not go into this now.

The Lost
* These guys are like myths and are known as GreyHats, they are excellent hackers with the ability to hack many of the worlds greatest systems but dont and are said to be the old hackers who no longer speak.
* If they exist they are good as although Great Hackers get the feds at their door or go to jail Truly Great Hackers are never caught....


+Well not exactly but the list of types of hackers ends and there are new types growing so I ask which type will still be around in 10 years time, can the youth be trusted to become ethical white hats or are we doomed to live in the script kiddie cracker malicious world that is so rapidly taking over or will the mysterious GreyHats rise and take over.
Who knows its up to the people.