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Thread: Ethics.

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    Well Ennis, I agree with most others around here. It was pretty well written and useful for the newbies.

    By the by, just because someone doesn't have a website doesn't mean they're programming inept or anything, it probably means (in the case of programmers) that they're just too busy to do maintain it.

    PS: not all Canadians are jackasses y'know. We've got the same varying degree of people that the rest of the world has.
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    Great posts hehbris.
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    Originally posted by Alcatraz
    I like it, I've always thought reading about hacking ethics was fun.
    You shuld read The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information
    Age by Pekka Himanen, great book, one of my favorites.

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    heh.. Ya.. I win..


    And Ennis that was a good post.
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    Originally posted here by hehbris
    1) posting messages on a forum is not considered stalking in this jurisdiction
    2) irish is not a race, it is a nationality

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    xn: This thread is five years dead. Leave it dead. Unless you have something useful to contribute to them, leave threads with the date flashing on the last post alone. I won't neg you, but others might for this. Please take a look at the stickies in the newbie forum here.
    And Welcome to AO. Sorry for the negative start, we are all friendly really...honest.
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    we are all friendly really...honest.
    No we're not... You lie like a cheap Japanese watch... We're vicious...
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    Actually, Tiger and the rest are pretty much OK...............but me, now I AM viscious,

    I even have IRS personal phone numbers

    Be afraid, very afraid

    OH! and welcome to AO

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