Yes dual booting can be done quite easily.

You will want Win* to be the first OS on the disk, then partition with something like Partition Magic. Once your partitions are set up, stick you Linux CD in the drive and reboot. To get a working Boot manager you have two choices.

a) Intsall LILO to the MBR when asked where you want it to go.

This will make Windows ( /dev/hda1) and Linux (/dev/hda2) options to boot from the LILO bot menu.

b) As long as you are *not* running a Windows install with NTFS files system, you can use Boot Magic (part of partition magic install). Once Linux is installed, and LILO is installed on the / or /boot partition, you can reboot into Windows ( via Boot Magic), and select Linux as a bootable partition.

// if you choose this option you will need to have boot magic installed before you attempt to install Linux.