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The Xbox Specs.

Gates said as many as 30 games will be available for the holiday season, but conceded the demand for the consoles may outpace the supply.
“Tonight we think we brought a lot of Xboxes here and tonight is probably the only night for a long, long time where everyone can get an Xbox,” he said.

Microsoft expects to make and sell 1.5 million consoles by the end of the year, but Gates said “we expect to be in pretty short supply” because of consumer demand.
The $299 console, which is the only one with a built-in hard drive and a plug for high-speed Internet access, officially goes on sale Thursday morning at 10,000 retailers nationwide.
“They are definitely getting maximum exposure,” said P.J. McNealy, senior analyst at Gartner G2.
As for Gates’ appearance, McNealy noted, the company is “trying to extract only the good qualities of Microsoft. This is the only Microsoft-ish move I’ve seen them make.” In its advertising and packaging of Xbox, Microsoft has downplayed references to the company name in an effort to create a unique brand.

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