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[B]this is because this war is not a war were some individual entities are involved but this war is
against global terrorism.

[QUOTE]If this was a war against global terrorism then why isn't england and ireland combatting against terrorism on their home front, why aren't UN missions being sent to various war-lord run military states in africa? Or what about the FARC in Columbia? If the US were really set on eliminating global terrorism, then shouldn't they be bombing suspected locations of that psychotic abortion doctor killer in the US, is he not a terrorist?

Not according to the Laws of the US where he works he isnt, just the people who threaten his life...oh isnt that some sort of terrorism?

and each country is against terrorism.

[QUOTE]looks more like each country is against the taliban and bin laden, if even that. If each country was against terrorism then shouldn't the United Nations be the primary leaders of such a campaign? I don't recall Kenya showing any significant support, or somalia, or lebanon, or Argentina. Do we see China, a world super power doing much to contribute?

No...we have Syria..that well known bastion of not supporting terrorist groups.....did anyone mention Contra? or Sandanista?.

and that will be end of global terrorism...

[QUOTE]The entire world's terrorist population consists of only Bin Laden? That is a little naive.

why does pot, kettle and black spring to mind?

[/I]This is certainly not a campaign against terror, it is a campaign in favor of US policy and protectionism. The US are not the only victims of terror in this world, as a matter of fact terrorism is not even a concern to most americans.[/I]

Probably not, but then it isnt to most people unless they have the problem.

[/I]As for this ridiculous question, Bin Laden right now is the most sought after and recognizable person on this earth right now, why the hell would he go to england? [/I]

Couldnt Agree with you more. Wales, Scotland or Ireland (either) are much nicer at this time of year.