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Answer 1: Over here means Ireland

a local understanding.

Answer 2: Vast ,Vast majority of the IRA's money comes from America i.e. Boston ,New York

Is that not Support?

Extra Fact: IRA are not drug dealers and are known to try and remove dealers from their neighbourhoods.

Both Factions of terrorists use extortion and racketeering to get local money and control.
This isnt Extra Fact, its just their protection of their own interests.

Remember Bloody Sunday? Just for those who dont.British "soldiers" shot dead 14 unarmed people at a civil rights march in Derry.God sounds like terrorism?

Nope it doesnt sound like terrorism. The legal arguments of their actions are for another place, but they were there at the request of the Governing bodies and authorities.

try this one:

Also .Rubber and plastic bullets have been used as a means of intimidating and deterring demonstrations in North of Ireland. Since 1973, more than 54,000 of these lethal projectiles have been fired at the civilian population. Seventeen people, eight of them young children, have been killed, most in circumstances which amount to murder. Hundreds have been seriously injured. Injuries include serious mental and physical disablement.

Sounds a bit dodgy too?

Sounds very dodgy, would be nice to find the stats on the amount of bricks, bottles and petrol bombs thrown by all rioters during this period.

For general information:
1968 - 1998 people killed due to Northern ireland 'Troubles'
Security Services - 1111
Civilian - 1838
Irish Security - 10
protestant paramilitaries - 133
Republican Paramilitaries - 388

I think you are missing my point E-1 which is fair enough cos it is easy to get pissed off when someone is targeting your country and u probably couldnt give a crap about N. Ireland.As a recent poll suggests about 90% of people in england would hand N.ireland back instantly.My point was to point out the fact that Al Qaeda are insane in the fact that they think they are doing the things they do for god.Its a religious thing.They dont care about civilian deaths and have no main "cause".

Could you not argue that a belief in God is a Cause? i would certainly class the acts of cetain groups of people, whether it is Spitting, Hurling abuse or throwing rocks at young children going to school, the bombing of Harrods department store or a suicide bomb attack, as all the work of Lunatics and deranged fanatics.

If you analyse the IRA for a moment.Against popular belief the IRA dont hate british people or protestant people.The founder of Irish Republicanism (Wolfe Tone)was a protestant.

I have no religeous beliefs myself, and have always believed that the problems involved in Ireland is because of the dismembered state of the country.

If they hated British people why do they destroy the centre of London at night in the business area of the city and give a warning when they could do it during they day in the shopping district without a warning?Simply to cause maximum damage and to force home the point to get British troops out of Ireland.Not to kill british civilians.

Does a Bicyle filled with Explosives and detonated in the pedestrian shopping area of a seaside town in summer in the afternoon not count then? as this type of weapon is purely designed to cause injuries, kind of hard to argue the 'cleanliness' of any weapon.

Again i must say im not anything to do with the group i just wanted to show the differences to people who wouldnt know.

As i said before. It does not matter Who gives What support to Which Terrorist. It is Wrong.