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Thread: hacked?

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    Originally posted by lord_darkside_x
    yeah... as a cable modem user, your system will run slower at different times of day, depepnding on how many people are online. if they don't have enough servers or enough bandwidth, your connection will suffer.
    I work for a Phone/Cable Company, that's why I asked about time. We (they) wont spend the money to add more OS3's, so it causes slow downs at peak times, with dial-up or cable modems....sorry I just work for them but the money customers are bank's and people like that who use it during the day and they get treated different...
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    some more help

    first of what OS are you running? OK now on to the defrag, first we can start by cleaning your system up, by removeing Cookies, History, if you have AOL go into the start goto programs/aol system info/utilitys/clear cache. next into your internet explorer/tools/internet options/delete temp files and history. now pull up your system scan and do a full scan of your system for problems. now for the defrag go into the propertys or advanced and change it so it will defrag without a write test. make sure you turn off your screen saver and other things you can disable in your open programs in the lower right hand corner of screen. secret with being woth cable when you get off line or shut down for more than 4 hours you are asigned a new IP. Maybe you have a back door orifis like subseven or even pc anywhere is one try removeing those if you are not needing pc anywhere nother thing is closeing ports to your NetBios by restricting the printer share files. thats ports 139 and 445 out of the way. well hope that helps you out. got to go.

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    Smile Some ideas

    Here ya go: Go to WWW.markusjansson.net/eienbid.html and follow his Internet Explorer security settings. Manually clearing your cookies and files will not clear them all he (markus) as a download to help, but entering the following in your Autoexec.bat file will really do the trick. For win95/98
    1. Open Autoexec.bat with notepad.
    2. Add the following inside of the Autoexec.bat file, just prior to the last line.
    deltree/Y c:\windows\history\
    deltree/Y c:\windows\cookies\
    deltree/Y c:\windows\tempor~1\
    now save it.
    2b. For winMe
    make file xxx.bat
    add the very same lines as the above example.
    save it in C:\
    open "my computer"
    pick the xxx.bat file, choose properties, program, and enable "close on exit".
    run regedit and go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWARE\Microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    and "new-string value" [name it to:"XXX"] set value to "c:\xxx.bat". Close regedit. Done.

    Not sure how to do same for win2000 or Xp.
    I have culled the info from an older version of the markusjansson site, here is the credit due Markus. Please note that the first time you restart it will take quite a while to del the files. One good thing it will clear all files at the initial boot time. If your troubles continue with ZA try the Tiny firewall not sure of the web site, do a google I hope this will help, with an AV in place and a firewall configured correctly you should be fairly tight.
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    Originally posted here by va_goose
    check w/your cable provider as well... I used RoadRunner in northern VA, they (of course) oversold subsriptions, and the network suffered. Packet loss was up around 5-6% during peak hours... I got about 5-10k a sec downloads.

    you should run a tracert to yahoo.com or some other external site, and check the latency @ each hop. If the hop is internal to your cable providers network, then that is your problem.

    keep your virus software up to date, don't run any executable attachments, and don't run any servers on your machine, you should be in pretty good shape.

    I completely agree here. It doesn't even sound like a virus issue, it simply sounds like you have a crappy isp
    I had Rogers cable for a couple of months. I also live in a nice complex of townhouses with about 300 other
    university students......conclusion, 300+ people using cable internet and tv. I was downloading at about 2-3 K/sec
    I mean it was slower and less reliable than dial-up...hence why I switched to dsl
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    Hmm, I have yet to use 2000/XP, from your starup batchfile tutorial, it appears that they've done away with autoexec and it's kin...too bad.
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    just a quick post.. I would run netstat /n from a command prompt, look for any unusal connectoin on an unusal port. Find something strange do a search on the IP to find out more info..

    also maybe update your driver for the cable modem.

    Oh yea, you got some ballz to running a computer with a cable connection with no firewall. Its a little more costly but i would just go out and by a router with a hardware firewall.. I feal more safe with a hardware firewall... And if you wanna really get secure go to Good will and buy an old computer and put some form of *nix on it and set it up for IP Routing and use the *nix box as your firewall / proxy. If set up properly the only one that should be noticed on the web is the *nix box.... I think even someone here may have wrote a turorial on that..

    if low on cash at least get a software firewall suck as tiny personal firewall, black ice, sygate, zone alarm hell put norton on there if you have to but i would recomend getting something and quick....Your computer is like stagnet water right now, attracting all sorts of pesky life forms
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    My computers all use NAV 7.0 (2001). If I want want any of them to run faster, I can disable the auto-protect feature of Norton. This *temporary* adjustment may work for you.

    Sometimes the cable modem computer is *much* slower than the dial-up PC. IMO, the cause has to do with the cable network & not the computer.

    That is my $.02 worth.

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