I noticed in a thread about win XP people started listing what systems they ran at home and at work - i thought this was interesting but couldn't be assed searching through 50 comments about win XP to see 2 or 3 interesting comments - thus i've started this thread. If people would like to list what sort of technology they've got knocking around - not just computers - home cinema systems, gprs devices, robot butlers etc.

Personally i have 6 pc's - 3 386's with 4meg of ram - all running debian slink, a 486/32meg with a *full-size* scsi hard disk (about the size of a house brick!) running debian woody, a k5 166/16meg that gets a new os every week and my main pc - a 700mhz duron/512meg dual booting w2k and debian sid. My other passion besides computers (and skateboarding, but we'll not go into that now) is home cinema - i have an all sony setup with hella good 100hz 32" flatscreen and a dvp s550d dvd player with a tae9000es preamp feeding a tan9000es amp - all wired together with top of the range ecosse interconnects.