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Thread: what u got?

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    Hi mom!
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    Aug 2001
    Goody! Show-me-yours-I'll-show-you-mine!


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    1. p1 200 MHz mmx rehat 7.2 kernel 2.4.7 (still can't get the tuxbox to ip-masquarade)

    2. p3 600 MHz win2000 prof./redhat 7.2 kernel:2.4.7

    3. p3 800 MHz/133 fsb 512Mb ram 20 gigs, 2gig jaz scsi,12x10x32 cdr,32 lite-on geforce2gts 64 mb ram,win2000 prof./redhat 7.2 kernel:2.4.7

    4. inspiron 8100 p3 1000 MHz, geforce2 go 32 Mb ram, 15" @1600x1200,10/100 network-card,8x,6x,32x cdrw,win2000 prof./redhat 7.2 kernel:2.4.7

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    Compaq laptop 400mhz 96mb ram, piece of crap

    My real beauty: IBM 286 (33mhz!) with a whopping 640k of ram, with the 'new' vga video technology. That thing is the heaviest typewriter i've ever seen.

    \"If you can\'t make it good, make it look good.\" - Bill Gates

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    Nintendo 64 dual boot with a sega master system -1k of ram

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    Instead of listing everything, I just took a picture of my living room and put labels on the machines. I thought this would be easier and prove that I really have all these machines

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    I'm glad you people are so mature
    \\you cannot stand the truth

    The AntiPoints level on this post is somewhat negative.

    You have -137 AntiPoints.

    What others are saying about this post...
    hope u get cancer u ****

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    How the hell Knightmb did u get them to stick to the ceiling upsidedown u must be the hacker 31337 that everybody goes on about

    where u from hehbris ..Im guessing maybe the u.k. with your ease of use of the word **** cos i think most Americans hate the use of that word..maybe im wrong

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    I editted it because surely this would have started a riot

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    Can't stand the truth eh hehbris, you say a 386 running linux is only good for running vi, and thats the truth is it? I'd have to disagree - one of my 386 boxen runs ntop, kepping an eye on everything going in and coming out of my network. Another 386 i use as a testbed for development in perl. Am i using 10% of my computers efficiency? (and what the **** is a computers efficiency anyway?)
    And what about amd being for people from federally funded housing, as intel clones go, you'd be hard pushed to find a better chip. Maybe you can show me some statistics to back your claim up - and i don't want to hear you spout any **** about sparc's or alphas either, be realistic.

    And i have 3 386's, not 4 - you dumb****.

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    1) p3 800, 256 mb ram(only at pc100 tho:-/), 20 gig hd, GeForce 256, some crappy cdrw, a toshiba dvd-rom, creative dvd decoder card, nic card(not sure what, it came with my dsl install kit), sb live! platnum w/ live drive, creative DDT 5.1 surround speakers, dont know mobo cause i got this one from gateway. running win2k.

    2) amd t-bird 850, 128 mb ram(pc 133), 40 gig hd(ultra-100), GeForce 2, creative cdrw(i think), nic card(cant remember what i got), Asus A7v Mobo, sb live! x-gamer, boston acustic 2.1 speakers. running win2k, soon to be dual booting with linux so i can learn that.

    3) amd t-bird 1.something ghz, 30 gig hd, GeForce (2?) DDR, cdrw, dvd-rom(software decoding), nic card, sb live! x-gamer, asus mobo, klipsh 2.1 speakers. running win2k.(this is the one my bro built so i dont know the specs as well)

    4) unused 486 sitting in my basement

    There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary, and those who dont.

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