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Thread: what u got?

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    test bed for perl applications
    ntop HAehehEHEEheHEheeheHE
    Now these require MONDO ressources.
    you can do this all on one machine, they would probably run better on one good machine.You are a little SHOW OFF. Amds are cheap because they're made cheap bucko, i don't care what benchmark you show me, I can pump 60 000 volts through a P75 and say YO CHECK DIZ **** OUT YO MAN. And sparcs are realistic considering there are now ultra sparc stations priced at $999 USD. ScHoOlED MoFo.

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    whatever hehbris, you're boring me now.

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    Did i mention that dumbass son of mine has a tiny penis, hells yeah, that shits miniscule.

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    Originally posted by hehbris

    oh and Focmaester, solaris 8 kicks open bsd's nsa backdoored ass on a sparc processor any day.

    Listen here you little brat, AMD beats intel on performance/price any day.
    And OpenBSD kicks Solaris ass anytime, @ HAL kiddies like you started to challenge Theo de Raad on technological grounds and when he told them to step outside they ****ing ended up argueing and fighting against themselves.
    ANd if ****ing America's top 10 hacker says OpenBSD is secure and designs a firewall based upon it I sure as hell will take his word above yours ANY TIME.

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    My computer is old junk. The thing that is the best on it are the compilers. Im running the student editions of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, and Microsoft Visual C++. I also have the quickBasic compiler. For java I have jdk 1.3.1 with JCreator LE, and Forte for java. As for cobol I dont have a compiler yet. In my car I have a Clarion proaudio 6675 CD player with a 5 band crossfire passive equalizer/crossover. All my high end speakers are crossed over at 100 hertz high pass, while my lows have a 50 hertz low pass and a 20 hertz subsonic filter.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
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    *looks at petemcevoy suspicously* This sounds like a thread where your doing market research... so you can knock over our houses jez kidding... although.. not a bad idea... every geek is proud of his box..... *schemes*

    @ my humble abode I've got :
    PIII 800MHz
    256MB SDRAM
    30GB HDD
    Running: Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    PII 350MHz
    128MB SDRAM
    8GB HDD
    Running: Windows XP Pro
    Celeron 400MHz Laptop
    64MB RAM
    4GB HDD
    Running: Windows 98SE
    2x 3/486's.
    Fresh in today.. Don't know what they have yet..
    \"Isn\'t sanity just a one trick pony anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick. Rational Thinking.
    But when you\'re good and crazy, hehe, the skies the limit!!\"

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    Exclamation A'ight. let's do this!

    My systems... Listing all:

    1x GRiDCase intel 80x286@15MhZ laptop running StarScreamOS 1.0beta (homemade OS)
    Total RAM: 2MB

    1x IBM/PS2 intel 80x386@25MhZ laptop (like the one i "Hackers"... I just HAD to keep mine! *lol*) Running StarScreamOS 2.3beta2 (homemade OS with SERIOUS issues...)
    Total RAM: 4MB

    1x IBM Thinkpad intel 80x486@75MhZ laptop running Windows 95/DOS7.0 (used to play "MoonStone" and "Desert Strike" only...)
    Total RAM: 16MB

    1x Homebuilt PC Intel Pentium@200MhZ running [unknown] currently in use by a friend as a reuter, prolly some sort of linuxbox.
    Total RAM: 96MB

    1x Homebuilt PC Intel Pentium 2@400MhZ running Windows 2000 Advanced Server (just 4 kix) (currently used by GF)
    Total RAM: 512MB

    1x Homebuilt PC Intel Pentium 4@1,9GhZ dualbooting Win2kAS and Debian Linux (potato at the moment) connected to my Altec Lansing sound system (SB Live! Platinum... Also fully capable of running WarLinux 12, although not doing so at the moment.
    Total RAM: 1GB

    1x ****ed up PDA that needs to die (Olivetti DaVinci)
    Total RAM: 2MB

    1x Cellphone (Nokia 7110, the ONLY way to ride) running some Nokia slow-ass software with home made patches and hax.
    Total RAM: 128kB (....i think)

    ??x calculators
    Total RAM: *lol* You're kidding?

    1x JVC awesome tripledeck DVD-player loaded with 3 DVD's at all time. (Screamers, Terminator and some chick-flick at the moment, I belive)
    Total RAM: Who cares? It's a DVD player!!!

    1x Hugeass TV
    Total RAM: Ehm? RAM?

    1x Question: Who cares?

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    Re: meine Boxen

    1 Uber Linux Box
    OS - Slackware Linux 8.0
    dual Athlon MP 1.2 GHz ( swiftech m462-a hsf's on each )
    3x256MB DDR DIMM (1 is ECC due to mobo req's)
    GF 2 GTS
    SB Live 5.1
    Adaptec SHC
    36.4 GB SCSI HDD
    DVD 16x
    CDRW 24x10x40
    Sony 21" monitor (used on ebay, good deal)
    happy hacker keyboard && Logitech USB trackball 2x Intel Pro 10/100 NIC's

    2 piece O' crap IBM workstations (no monitor, kb, or mouse)
    OS - FreeBSD 4.4 Stable
    PII CPU, 64 MB RAM, no video, no sound, 2 GB HDD's each
    box A = packet filter firewall ( ipfilter )
    box B = DNS/Server/Router, application layer firewall
    2x Intel Pro10/100 NIC's each

    1 `Ok' Micron PC Client Pro (provided by my employer)
    OS - RedHat Linux 7.1
    PIII 800MHz
    1x256MB DIMM SDRAM
    41 GB HDD (IDE)
    DVD 16x
    17" mon
    Intel Pro 10/100 NIC

    1 HP C6300
    OS = HP-UX 11.0
    dual 500 MHz RISC CPU's
    256MB RAM
    17" mon
    onboard sound, video, LAN

    small network made up of spiffy `el cheapo' hardware I found at a good local used computer shop. (4 total) for security testing.
    OS's Solaris 8, WinNT 4.0, Win2000, Red Hat 6.2
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    1) p3 500 392mb ram win2k

    2) duron 700 256mb ram win2k


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    1. AMD K6/2 450 with 2x 20GB hard drives, 128 MB RAM, onboard sound & graphics (damn!) Runs win XP, win 2k, win 98SE and linux mandrake 7.1

    2. Compaq Deskpro 5120 (P120) with 32 mb ram 8.4 GB HDD Linux Mandrake 7.1

    3. Compaq Deskpro [Unidentified Model Number] - Win 98SE, Intel P2/733MHz 10GB HDD 64 MB RAM

    4. P233 with 1.2 GB HDD Win 98SE 16MB RAM

    Hoping to buy another [486 'bout 8 meg ram] to use as a router / firewall.
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    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
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