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Thread: Widows Virus ( The Most Dangerous !!!! )

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    Talking Can somebody say funny?

    As the "Great Russian - Phantom2k" once said:

    How do you feel this ?
    The proxies aren't the **** here!
    We're talking about the virus that I told about
    in the first theard .

    ...You should exay with the feelingay and getaway with a dictionaray.

    All in all, this post is the funniest post i've read EVER.
    ...This Space For Rent.

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    Cool Interesting..

    hmm interesting... im sure some of us here would find that information quite useful and use it for a good cause...
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    Originally posted by Shmoo
    And how old are you Evilseed?

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    OH CRAP!
    Will this thing leave my screen door open and key my car? Does it have a built in keylogger that will send all the prono addresses I type to my mom? What if it sends a radio wave out to my Furby and commands it to kill me?!?!?!

    (Phantom, I know this is in english and thus indicipherable in whatever language you speak. Please feel free to add the letter "S" to the end of each word.)

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    Well, I have had experience with this virus..

    It turned my pentium chip into an G4
    Replaced my voodoo video card with a Cirrus.
    Took pictures of me while I was in the shower and posted it on porn sites.
    Caused an FBI van to follow me to and from work.
    Makes odd charges to my credit card (mostly buying of microsoft products)
    Killed my dog..
    Raped my cat..
    ate my hamster.
    and is forcing me by gunpoint to download britney spears mp3's

    YOU do not want the virus!

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    The virus enabled my Voodoo card to perform some voodoo on me.
    Now I have changed into a zombie and lack some fingers to type on my keyboard as well.
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    Wink haha

    this forum is so HILARIOUS i had to bring it back to life..

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    Post Heh heh heh

    ...good thinking evilseed, this place was begening to get boring...
    ...This Space For Rent.

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