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    Question Ftp

    Hi, i was hoping someone could help me out a little bit. I've been searching for a site that contains a list of currently open ftp's. Or at least a list of ftp's. I found a site a while back that had one, but i lost it when i reformatted. Anyone know of any? Much thanks.

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    Uhm... FTP sites for what? The Simtel network of FTP servers? Or FTP servers you can get an account on to share files, or just FTP server to try to trash for some childish reason?
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    No nothing malicious.

    I'm simply looking for a list of public FTP's to share files on. More specifically, i'm looking for FTP's that contain warez. Games, Appz, etc. Maybe a few leech FTP's, since all the 10:1 ratio ftp's are slow as hell.

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    AHA. It seems today AntiOnline has turned into alt.2600.warez

    There was a BIG hint in that sarcasm there, find a link to the usenet groups, and go to that... there will most likely be more than 1000 posts by criminals such as yourself...
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    www.twizted.net has a no ratio ftp site with much warez an stuff on. If you are really intersested in ftp then go to the tut section i shall put up some info a friend wrote about fxp and ftp.

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