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Thread: How can you get in someone's pc?

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    Question How can you get in someone's pc?

    How can you come in someone's pc?, i've got allready a couple of programs like sub 7 and dolly, I can hack my own pc but how can i hack other pc's???

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    First of all this is a security site the antithesis of what you are lookin for, you are lookin for a script kiddie site. For some odd reason I dont have any links {a good thing} but I recommend you go to www.google.com and type in 'How to use a Sub7'.

    You will probably recieve nothing as everyone with a brain can use Sub7, Im afraid you should stick to porn sites or chatrooms because you are not going to achieve much unless you get youre act together and think seriously about your ethics good.

    What youre doing is lame. You can hack your own pc, well thats great try nuking yourself or opening that server.exe file in the Sub7 program you downloaded, it will help people like yourself find you easily.

    Oh I have one piece of advice, a guy a while ago asked how to hack hotmail and I gave him a ticket, luckily I have two tickets, its youre lucky day I suppose because I dont want the ticket but you may find it useful.

    Its attached to this post. Take a peek might be useful on your travels.

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    Wink To Ennis

    Thank's Ennis,


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    Originally posted by Kolonel Viper
    How can you come in someone's pc?,
    What you'll need: a screwdriver, a helmet, gloves, safety shoes, safety glasses, a Swiss knife, tape, and a flashlight.

    If you enter the box, watch out for the wires on the ground as you might trip over them. Don't touch two wires at the same time: you might get electrocuted. Watch out for the ventilators! They spin really fast! You can stop them by sticking your foot (safety shoes!) between the blades. If you meet of one those Sub7-dudes: run for your life! They can only be killed by hotwiring them. And Dolly... jesus man, you don't want to meet Dolly, trust me....

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    lol. The sarcasm levels on this site are great!!!

    Thank God I don't ask many stupid questions!
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