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    You gotta stick with what your good at, I found at 5 years ago that my talent is computers. And I couldn't care less what ppl call me most understand and respect what I do/can do with computers and that I can help them out whem they have pc problems. That''s sort of a "power" you could say.
    When you go to conventions like H2k and HAL you will meet like minded ppl and feel better.

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    IT could be like that... but it isn't.

    Instead of being respected, we are ridiculed. Instead of people understanding, they disregard what they don't understand and focus only on what they do: we are different. We look different. We speak in languages they don't understand. We think differently from the rest of the student population, and they know it. We act different. They know it, and make it known every chance they get. I think we even smell different...(?). Those little ****s need to die. One day they will. And I will bury them all... with urine as I piss on their neglected graves.

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    Welcome to Hell , where we have served more than all of the fast food chains put together! And the number grows everyday! Stay tuned!

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