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    Newbie to Telnet

    Well, i didnt know there was such a thing as telnet until i started playing MUDs and it opened the connection in telnet. Well what exactly can i do with telnet. Like if i get into a site what commands can i use and what do they do. Do you know any good sites that teach this. Ive looked but nearly all of them just say what telnet is and how to connect. Not what to do once youve made a connection. I know i may sound stupid....but im new to this cut me some slack.

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    telnet just connects to a remote site
    when your there you login and if you got the right username password the your in a shell.
    install *nix to learn how and wot to do from home.

    now off 4 some mice...

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    No, Telnet connects to a specific port on a remote host. Here are some common ports:

    21 FTP

    23 Telnet

    25 SMTP

    79 Finger

    80 Web/Server

    139 Netbios

    Not every port has the same commands because each port provides a different service. I hope this helped you out a little bit.

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    Whilst that certainly is true shmoo, its not really the soundest advice - telnet, by default, connects to port 23 and gives you a shell to issue commands to the remote machine - and there's a high chance that remote machine will be running one form of unix or another. It is definately quite common to telnet to specific ports - i used to check my email by telneting to port 110 of my mail hosts server and using the list and retr commands, but that may be beyond the scope of explaining to a newbie (and i mean that as a generic newbie, its not aimed at anyone in particular) what telnet is and how to best use it.

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    Nearly forgot - here's a link to help - http://help.pacifier.com/help/unix/telnet.html

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